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New York Health Careers

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New York State Health Workforce Planning Data Guide 2014
CHWS releases report designed to support regional health workforce planning based on population need in New York.
Report: NYS_Health_Workforce_Planning_Data Guide_2014 (5.6 MB)

The Oral Health Workforce in New York
CHWS finds uneven regional distribution of dentists and dental hygienists, and an under-served Medicaid population.
Brief: OralHealthNY2014 (1 MB)

Trends in Demand for New Physicians, 2009-2013: A Summary of Demand Indicators for 35 Physician Specialties
CHWS presents profiles for 35 specialties and summarizes trends in 5 key areas: starting income, job offers, having to change plans due to limited practice opportunities, relative demand, and number of graduates.
Report: extrends2014 (2 MB)

Recent Journal Articles:

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Dall TM, Forte GJ, Storm MV, Gallo P, Langelier MH, Koory RM, and Gillula JW . Executive Summary of the 2013 US Veterinary Workforce Study. Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association. 242(11):1507-1514, June 2013.

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