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2015 New York Residency Training Outcomes: A Summary of Responses to the 2015 New York Resident Exit Survey
CHWS finds strong demand for New York physicians.
Report: NY_Residency_Training_Outcomes_2015 (3 MB)

Health Care Employment Projections, 2014-2024: An Analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics Projections by Setting and by Occupation
CHWS finds continued growth in U.S. health care employment.
Report: BLS Health Care Employment Projections_2016
(2.8 MB)

The Future of the Registered Nursing Workforce in New York: State-Level Projections, 2015-2025
CHWS finds demand for registered nurses in New York is expected to grow.
Report: Nursing_Needs_Assessment_2016 (1.1MB)

Oral Health in Kentucky
CHWS finds underserved populations in Kentucky at greater risk for oral health disparities.
Report: Oral_Health_Kentucky_Technical_Report_2016
(16.7 MB)

Interviews of Oral Health Stakeholders in Kentucky: An Executive Summary
CHWS finds common themes derived from personal telephone interviews with 28 oral health stakeholders in Kentucky between September and November 2015.
Executive Summary: Kentucky_Interviews_Executive_Summary
(449 KB)

A Profile of Oral Health Providers in New York State
Those at greatest risk for lack of access to basic oral health services in New York include rural populations and racial and ethnic minorities.
Brief: Oral_Health_NY_2015 (753 KB)

An Exploratory Study of the Use of Telehealth Services by Federally Qualified Health Centers and Hospitals in New York State
CHWS finds more than half of hospitals and FQHCs are currently using telehealth services in New York State.
Report: Telehealth_Services_NY_2015 (1.6 MB)

The Health Care Workforce in New York, 2014: Trends in the Supply and Demand for Health Workers
CHWS finds continued growth for health care employment in New York State.
Report: Tracking_Report_2015 (2.7 MB)

Trends in Demand for New Physicians, 2010-2014: A Summary of Demand Indicators for 35 Physician Specialties
CHWS finds demand for newly-trained primary care physicians surpasses demand for specialists.
Report: Trends_in_Demand_for_New_Physicians_2014 
(1.8 MB)
Press Release: Exit Survey Trends

Chartbook of Physicians in Ambulatory Settings in New York
CHWS finds over a third of New York’s physicians work in primary care practices.
Report: Chartbook_NY_Physicians_Ambulatory_Settings_2015
(3.5 MB)

SUNY Contributions to New York’s Physician Population
CHWS releases research brief on New York physicians that are SUNY medical school graduates and/or received graduate medical training in SUNY-sponsored programs.
Brief: SUNY_Grads_2015 (1.3 MB)

The Primary Care Workforce in New York
CHWS releases research brief on New York’s current primary care workforce capacity and selected characteristics.
Brief: Primary_Care_Brief_2015 (1.3 MB)

Oral Health in Michigan
CHWS releases findings on the oral health status of various population cohorts in the state of Michigan.
Full Report: Oral_Health_MI_Report (7 MB)

Trends in New York Registered Nurse Graduations, 2005-2015
CHWS releases findings of the 2014/2015 survey of New York’s RN education programs and potential gaps between supply and demand of RNs.
Full Report: Nursing_Education_Trends_2005-2015 (4.6 MB)

New York Physician Workforce Profile: 2014 Edition
CHWS releases full report on the supply and distribution of physicians in New York, including county and individual specialty levels.
Full Report: 2014_NY_Physician_Profile_Full_Version (8 MB)

Medicaid Patients’ Utilization of Outpatient and Emergency Department Services for Cardiovascular and Diabetes-Related Conditions in New York State
CHWS finds great variation in Medicaid patient access to cardiovascular and diabetes-related services in New York based on practice location and patient race/ethnicity.
Brief: Medicaid_Access_NY_2015 (674 KB)

A Profile of Active Registered Nurses in New York
CHWS releases brief on the the roles and distribution of RNs in New York, describing their practice patterns and basic demographics.
Brief: Nursing_Profile_2015 (3.8 MB)

New York Physician Workforce Profile: 2014 Abridged Edition
CHWS releases report on the supply and distribution of physicians in New York to assist in regional and statewide health workforce planning.
Report: 2014_Physician_Profile_Abridged (6 MB)

2014 New York Residency Training Outcomes: A Summary of Responses to the 2014 New York Resident Exit Survey
CHWS releases annual report describing New York residency training outcomes and the job market demand for new physicians.
Report: 2014_NY_Residency_Training_Outcomes (3 MB)

New York State Health Workforce Planning Data Guide 2014
CHWS releases report designed to support regional health workforce planning based on population need in New York.
Report: NYS_Health_Workforce_Planning_Data Guide_2014 (5.6 MB)

The Oral Health Workforce in New York
CHWS finds uneven regional distribution of dentists and dental hygienists, and an under-served Medicaid population.
Brief: OralHealthNY2014 (1 MB)

Trends in Demand for New Physicians, 2009-2013: A Summary of Demand Indicators for 35 Physician Specialties
CHWS presents profiles for 35 specialties and summarizes trends in 5 key areas: starting income, job offers, having to change plans due to limited practice opportunities, relative demand, and number of graduates.
Report: extrends2014 (2 MB)

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